The building that houses the Chios Archaeological Museum was erected in the 1960s in the Evangelistria district of Chios town. Twenty years  later the Museum was closed due to statics problems in the building, which were successfully resolved in 1998. The redesigned display was  inaugurated in 1999 and contains finds from excavations conducted by the British School of Archaeology at Athens, the Archaeological Society  of Athens, and the XX Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities. It also contains objects retrieved from all over Chios by the  temporary curator of antiquities and philologist Antonios Stephanou, and items handed in by the inhabitants of the island.

The display delineates the Ionian culture of Chios and gives prominence to the role played by the island in antiquity. The exhibits, explanatory  texts and maps provide visitors with information about the history of the island from the Early Neolithic period down to Roman times.

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